Article: Nylon – Flashback Friday: Julia Stiles!

Julia’s 1999 cover is featured as this week’s Flashback on the Nylon Magazine blog. View the post below and check out more scans in our gallery.

Nylon Magazine Julia Stiles

Major throwback/flashback/OMG moment!

Check out Julia Stiles on our cover way back in Sept/Oct of 1999!

Okay first thing to notice is the dope Hawaiian tropical vibe–Come on, it’s amazing. Second, is that a halter top? We sure hope so. Third, 1999 is also the same year 10 Things I Hate About You came out, which means we were def on point with this one. Hashtag: Kat Stratford? Third: What’s up, Missy Elliot? We love you!

And lastly, lets take a moment to appreciate that Rachael Leigh Cook reference, please. Okay, great, we’re good to go. See you next week for another round of Flashback Friday! -ALI HOFFMAN


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