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24 Hour Play Lineup Revealed

Yey – Julia Stiles will join Melanie Griffith, Amanda Seyfried, Uzo Aduba, Peter Dinklage, Nina Dobrev and siz other actors next month in the 14th annual benefit “The 24 Hour Plays on Broadway,” which asks over a dozen actors, six writers and six directors to come up with six original short plays over the course of a day.

Rosie Perez, a veteran of the 24-hour plays, had this advice for participants: “Anything you can do outside of being reckless and taking illegal substances do it! You’re going to need everything.”

The finished productions will be staged in front of a live audience at the American Airlines Theater on November 17. The 14th annual event will benefit the Urban Arts Partnership, New York’s largest arts education organization.

Julia’s Twitter Chat

Here are some of the questions Julia answered, head over to her Twitter for more.

Julia I want to know what you enjoy most doing writing&directing or acting?
I love both. And they compliment each other nicely. Kinda like when a painter makes sculptures, or a sculptor starts to paint

I was wondering how you came up with the idea of “Blue”?
Haha, I didn’t. It was all Rodrigo Garcia, and his crazy imagination

What was it like hearing other speak your words in Paloma? How did the idea of Paloma arise?
That’s one of the most exciting things ever, when you see this thing from your imagination come to life

Do you have some fave german food?
Beer. (Kidding, weiswurst)

Are there any particular directors that influenced the style or look of #Paloma?
I really like Julian Schnabel’s films, and Sofia Coppola’s early work.

What did you like best or what was most challenging while acting with your sister?
I felt so protective of her, I had to remind myself to stop mothering. But it was a delight because we are so close.

What your favorite horror film?
Maybe The Shining or Psycho

Which book are you reading at the moment?
It’s hard for me to get into a novel while I’m on set, but I did just finish The Odyssey

Where do you like to spend your holidays most?
I love exploring new places, next on the list is Brazil if I’m lucky.

For Paloma did you get to ‘hand pick’ your cast? Was it your ideal cast for your script?
I had seen Grace in a play, thought she rocked. And then mostly cast my friends- Gaby and I grew up together.

Save the last dance is my favorite movie ! Do You still practice dance ?
Only in my living room ;). Yoga has kind of replaced dance.

What do you love to do between 2 takes?
Between takes you are usually trying to focus on getting the next take right. Between scenes you are trying to learn lines.

Do you have a fave movie or series at the moment?
I’m hooked on SHERLOCK at the moment.

Who are some actors/actresses that inspire you?
Too many to name, but I’ll start with Cate Blanchett and Bill Macy and and and…

New Layout, New Domain

Yes, that’s right… Welcome to the brand new look for Julia Stiles Online. The fansite has been online since 1998 and finally we have had fresh revamp. Thank you so much to Frederik over at noomi-rapace.com for all his hard work! We have also updated the gallery with thousands of new photos (and more to come!) You can also now access the site via www.julia-stiles.org too – yey!


Welcome to the new Julia Stiles Online. I recently adopted this amazing fansite from Jess. I want to thank her for all of the hard work she has put into this site over the past 15 years. The site has evolved many times over the years, but at its heart it remains the same… a dedicated source for Julia Stiles on the web. I hope to continue that effort bringing you new content, photos, videos, and more. In the meantime I am hard at work behind the scenes getting the old content moved over to the new format. Please keep checking back for lots up new updates and features headed your way very soon! Thank you for your continued support as we work through this transition.