Julia rides Citi Bike in NYC

Julia was was snapped riding a Citi Bike bicycle in the West Village section of New York City on Monday. The actress seemed to be having a good time on the pedal vehicle as she smiled while gripping onto the handlebars.

Citi Bike is the Big Apple’s bicycle sharing system which is intended to provide customers with an alternative transportation option for getting around the city. Julia was dressed in a casual chic black outfit while pedaling around in the populated city. She wore a transparent patterned long-sleeved mini-dress over a black tank top, stockings, and pair of leather booties while on the ride.

The Silver Linings Playbook actress wore a pair of aviator sunglasses on her face and gold necklace around her neck which had a crescent moon shaped pendant on it. Julia also placed her medium-sized black leather purse in the basket of the bike and had her platinum blonde locks in a messy ponytail. The actress was also seen walking on the same day, but this time wearing a white denim jacket over the ensemble.